How to Choose the Right Golf Clubs to Use

In golf, your success often depends on whether you use the right golf club for a particular shot. But how do you learn how to choose the right golf clubs to use? Here are some tips to help you.

Distance From Your Target

Your distance from your target is the first thing you need to determine. Some people have the sniper’s ability to know this by just seeing. Of course, you can also use markers to determine the distance.

Nowadays, there are even gadgets that can help you measure the distance accurately. There are also apps that use your smartphone GPS to find out how far you are from your target or hole. 

Know Your Yardage for Each Shot

You also have to find out just how far you can hit the ball with each club. This means you have to take each one of your clubs and measure your average yardage for each.

To do that, you should get a club and hit 50 balls with it. Then you can measure the yardage for each shot. Your measurement should measure the distance from where you are to the spot where the ball lands from the air, and not where the ball eventually ends up.

For each club, you can then discard the 5 worst distances and the 5 best distances. You’ll have 40 measurements remaining, and you can get their average. That’s your average yardage for each club. Write that down on a piece of paper or on your smartphone.

Eventually, you’ll end up with yardage averages for all your clubs. You can then consult your written record when you’re on the golf course and you’re trying to determine which club is the best for any given target.

Just remember that if you’re doing it right, your swing will improve and your yardage will get better. That means new records every time you practice. You have to practice!  Mind you, practice won’t make you perfect because there’s no perfection in golf. But practice can always make you better.

Narrowing between 2 Options

When you’re playing, often you’ll have a distance that’s right in between 2 club average yardages. Sometimes the choice between the two can be fairly obvious, but at other times it can be a toss-coin.

So what should you do? Well, you can try to figure out which club feels more comfortable for you for that shot.

Let’s say the distance is in between your average for your 3-iron and 4-iron. Get the 3-iron and then go over your routine before you settle on the ball. Observe how the club feels in your hand.

Do the same thing with the 4-iron. Does it feel more comfortable or less? Your choice then becomes obvious—you go with the club where you feel more comfortable.

Hopefully, these tips can help you figure out how to choose the right golf clubs to use for your shots. But then again, this is golf—“rightness” can be an illusion!