Collapsible Chipping Net Product Review: Sharpen Your Chipping Skills at Home

Learn more about this affordable golf training equipment in this Collapsible Chipping Net review.

One drawback of playing golf is that you can’t practice anywhere. You’ll need to regularly go to your preferred golf course or go through the hassle of setting up a mini-golf course in your backyard. Both methods are possible but can be costly.

Then again, there’s always the chipping nets. A chipping net is a portable, foldable, freestanding golf training equipment that you can use at home. They are small practice nets that are designed to help you perfect your chipping to strengthen the precision of your short games. You can set it up in a relatively large space in your home.

One recommended option by Oahu tree service company owner Marcus Asman is the JEF WORLD OF GOLF 23 in. Collapsible Chipping Net. Likened to a 3D bullseye target for airborne short shots, this can be everything you need to improve your short game with great convenience.

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Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green Review: Honing Your Putting Skills Without A Fuss

Unless you live right next to a golf course, practicing your swing, aim, and overall game can require a lot of work, effort and money. Not everyone can go to a golf course as often as they’d like, so if you’re serious about honing your skills, you might need to look for alternative ways to do so.

Luckily, with the help of a golf putting training green, you can now practice your skills at home or even in your office. These portable training mats can really come in handy, especially if you don’t have a lot of free time to practice in an actual golf course.

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Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer Review

Are you having problems with your swing? Do you want to keep track of your game without having to take down notes all the time? Well, you might want to take a look at the Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer. This device claims to be able to perform a comprehensive assessment of your swing. But is it really helpful? Let’s find out if it will live up to our expectations.


At the heart of the Zepp is its swing analysis. You just attach the device on your glove and information is displayed on your mobile device. All the essentials like the length of your backswing, the tempo, club plane, club and hand speed are measured. Your swings are monitored so after the game you can evaluate your performance. There’s also an Auto-Video Capture so your swing is recorded, allowing you to compare your swings later on.

The analysis is instant, and the more swings you make, the more data the Zepp can accumulate. This data is used to analyze your swing and help you find the right approach. You then use the data provided by the Zepp to make changes to your swing and get better.  Read more “Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer Review”