Golf Apps Worth Downloading To Improve Your Game

Technology is ever-so advancing, and golf is no exception to it. A great golf app can be a great weapon to your arsenal in improving your game. It’s like having a very skilled caddie or an advanced (legal) golfing club readily accessible and to use.

On top of golf swing analyzer technology, there are apps for everything. Whether you need tips on your swing, golf club fitting and sizing guide, clarification on rules, etc. there’s probably an app for it.

If you want the added arsenal, here are 4 apps that you should download to help improve your golf game.

Pocket Caddie: A Simple Golf GPS – FREE
There are a bunch of “pocket caddie” apps in the app market. But this one is our recommended choice. With A Simple Golf GPS pocket caddie, you don’t need to download course maps in order to use yardage measurement features. A simple Golf uses GPS to locate you and presents you with satellite imagery and marks your position. You can then simply touch any point on the map and the app will measure the distance. All you have to do is pick your iron, line up, and swing! It’s compatible with the Apple Watch also!

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How to Purchase the Right Golf Clubs for You

Purchasing golf clubs isn’t as easy as you think. You don’t just buy the same golf clubs that your favorite pro uses, nor do you have to get the same clubs that your golfing buddies rave about.

So how do you buy them then? Here are some tips that should help you get started:

1. The first thing you need to realize is that golf club manufacturers produce golf clubs for different skill levels. The golf clubs for the best players offer a lot of control for the best players, but they’re not easy for newbies to handle. On the other hand, the golf clubs for newbies can be very forgiving for newbies but these clubs severely limit what the pros can do with the ball.

So naturally, your first step is to ascertain your particular skill level in golf. You may be a low handicap player, a mid-low handicap golfer who may not hit the balls properly every now and then, a high-mid handicap player who plays every now and then and who usually gets into the rough and misses the greens. The high-handicap players are the worst, as they may even tend to hit the turf more often than the ball.  Read more “How to Purchase the Right Golf Clubs for You”